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Soccer Coaching Made Simple

Soccer is the simplest sport on the planet. But all too often it is made out to be way too complicated. I’ll help you coach your kid’s soccer team by breaking the game of soccer down into 3 simple parts. I’ve been coaching soccer for over 30 years, so let me help you have fun again coaching your kid’s soccer team! Check out my YouTube Channel at YouTube

Soccer Coaching Made Simple – How It Works

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

If you are a recreational soccer coach, a volunteer who has stepped up to coach your kid's team...let me first of all thank you. Without you, there would be no game.

It amazes me each week when I see moms and dads out on the field helping players of all ages and abilities fall in love with the beautiful game.

And I also see many of those same moms and dads stressed out and frustrated as they try to herd a bunch of cats and teach them the fundamentals of soccer.

So that's why I built this blog. To help them and to help you coach soccer more effectively, with less stress and more enjoyment for you and your players.

"I'll help you plan your soccer practices, teach you how to actually COACH soccer as opposed to just running drills and show you how to make your practices fun for you and your players."

Interact With Soccer Coaches Globally

I'll show you everything you need to know to coach your soccer team and help your players develop to their full potential. Soccer is truly "The Greatest Sport On Earth" and that's why I'll share with you what works when it comes to coaching youth soccer from different parts of the globe. No matter where you are in the world, the fundamentals are always the same, but it's fun to learn how they are taught in different countries and cultures.

Why you'll love the Soccer Coaching Blog:

Quality Posts

I'll post written articles, video demos and audio podcasts so that you can read, watch and listen to my soccer coaching tips.

Downloadable Content

Download soccer practice plans, checklists, "Key Factors" etc. so that you'll always have on hand exactly what you need at your soccer practices.

Global Support & Community

Interact with and learn from other youth soccer coaches from around the world. Share ideas, problem solve and feed each other's passion for the game.

Achieve Your Goals

Be equipped to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself and your team for this season. But remember, it's not about winning...

"I've been blessed to be involved in soccer all my life. Born and bred in Blackburn, Lancashire, I've been a fanatical fan of Blackburn Rovers, the only team to be both a founder member of the first ever professional soccer league in the world and the English Premier League. Growing up learning how to play soccer on the streets and in the parks, with no adult instruction, just a bunch of kids playing until their legs fell off...was such an amazing experience. I'm going to show you how to recreate this learning environment...for the good of the game AND your sanity!"

- Paul G. Walmsley

Done For You Soccer Practice Plans

Take advantage of my 33 years of soccer coaching experience AND Save yourself a bunch of time and stress. Why get overwhelmed searching the internet for soccer drills when with the click of a button you can print off one of my Done For You Soccer Practice Plans and head straight to the soccer field?

Done For You Soccer Practice Plan Features:

  • Warm Up
  • Technical Session
  • Functional Session
  • Scrimmage
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At your next game, please stop the yelling. I beg of you. On Sunday I was coaching our boys 2006 team in a 7 on 7 game. The coaches were stationed down the middle of two fields facing their respective fields and teams. So, in a confined area there were 7-8 coaches bellowing at their […]

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After another busy weekend on the soccer field, I am convinced we’re making soccer too complicated. I was involved in two 5on5 games on Saturday morning. Then I was a “clinician” at an AYSO Intermediary Coaches Course where I was teaching passing. Then on Sunday morning two 7on7 games followed by a U6 clinic alongside […]

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I learn more about coaching soccer every single day.

I learn more about coaching soccer every single day that I’m involved in the game. And that’s why I’m obsessed with it. Take this week for instance. Started on Sunday with a combination of “Family Fun Day” and our Little Vikings Clinic. I was involved in coaching the 4 and 5 year olds, introducing them […]